About Us
NutriGlam's mission is to shine a light on the path of women worldwide to help them feel beautiful both inside and out. Our community of "Glammers" choose to change the world by being the best version of themselves and make an impact in a way that makes them feel truly happy.

NutriGlam is led by Halle Eavelyn, known by many as the "Velvet Hammer".  She is the author of NutriGlamorous and one of the world's leading transformational coaches. She's also a popular speaker and writer who helps people break out of their old patterns so they can live their best lives, the ones they always yearned for. 

She draws on her 25 years of business experience in software, real estate, the movie business and travel. She works with a variety of intuitive modalities; her work is deep and extremely fast, with clients experiencing powerful shifts easily. 

Halle selectively works with one-on-one and group clients who are ready for extraordinary growth. After her spiritual awakening in Egypt, she wrote the spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, which tells that story and all about the subsequent trips she's led up the Nile for over a decade. She is also the author of 100 Ways To Be In Joy.

You can also find her published at The Huffington Post, writing on personal transformation and the intersection of spirituality & travel. 
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